The Sashes in Wu's Painting Flutter as if in the Wind.

Wu Daozi of the Tang Dynasty executed his brushstrokes in a curvy and graceful manner, so that sashes on the people in his paintings seem flutter in the wind. Compared with Gu Kaizhi (345?-409), Wu's painting is more nuanced and lifelike. He used his brush with perfect ease and fluency. His works are dynamic and vivid, presenting a distinctly new style and aesthetic effect, reflecting the development of the art of painting.


The sashes worn by the figures in Wu Daozi's paintings flutter gracefully like in the wind, while the clothing in Cao Zhongda's paintings cling fast to bodies as if just emerged from water.

Wu Daozi used to add hues to traces of thick ink. With a gentle touch here and there, the figures in his painting all look natural and lifelike, as if about to come forth from the painting. People of later times called this style “Wu’s unique skill of painting.”