New book series explores Chinese culture’s overseas communication and influence

By Global Times


Book cover of the Newly Compiled Chinese Culture Overseas Communication History Photo: Courtesy of BFSU

A new book series about the long history of Chinese culture's expansion overseas was released on Wednesday by Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU). The Newly Compiled Chinese Culture Overseas Communication History by Wu Bin, a professor at the Institute of International Communication of Chinese Culture at BFSU, reviews the widespread influence of Chinese culture in detail over six volumes comprised of nearly 5 million Chinese characters.
According to Wu, the book series explores the historical process of Chinese culture walking into the world from the perspective of globalization, placing Chinese culture in the overall background of the world's culture development. It discusses the carriers, form, content and process of Chinese culture's spread to different regions around the world during different periods, as well as its impact on the world.

Wu and other cultural experts including Zhang Xiping, professor at BFSU, and Yang Baoyun, professor at the School of International Studies at Peking University, hosted a special dialogue under the theme of "Chinese Culture, Told by the World" on Wenesday.

The book release is also part of the forum of Cultural Exchanges and Mutual Learning 2022: World Significance of Chinese Culture hosted by Beijing Foreign Studies University. The forum was attended by Zhao Gang, BFSU's vice president; Wang Jiaming, deputy director of the Publicity and Publishing Committee of the International Confucian Association; and Roger T. Ames, chief foreign expert at the Institute of International Communication of Chinese Culture of BFSU.