Young craftsman devoted to traditional Chinese lacquer artworks

Source: ECNS

Lyu Xiqin, a young craftsman, has immersed himself in lacquer art, an ancient Chinese artistic tradition, for 10 years.

He's been deeply fascinated by its antiquity and mystery and is committed to building his own world of lacquer art.

China's lacquer art has a history of more than 7,000 years, with lacquer painting its derivative.

As a raw material, lacquer is extremely precious. Lacquer is the natural sap collected from the bark of the eponymous trees. There is a saying in China: "To walk 100 miles and cut the bark a thousand times to obtain 500 grams of lacquer, " indicating that it's both precious and difficult to come by.

Creating a lacquer painting is relatively complicated and requires multiple steps. It often takes several months to finish one.

In addition to lacquer painting, Lyu is also engaged in lacquerware production. He thinks there is still a lot of room for the inheritance and development of lacquer art in China.